It is important for nearly all pets to get grooming services. They may need baths, haircuts, brushing, toenail trims, and anal gland expressions regularly. Our Grooming Salon provides these services by trained pet stylists.

We offer full-service grooming for dogs and cats and can trim Rabbit and Guinea Pig nails. All full-service grooming includes bathing, drying, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. We can upgrade your service to include specialty shampoos, de shedding treatment, nail painting, and hair bows.

Your Pet Stylist will consult with you to ensure that your pet is getting the hair cut you want before dropping them off. With your preferences in mind, we can find a style that best fits your expectations and your pet’s coat.

Is your pet:

  • Matted?
  • Skunked?
  • Overgrown?
  • Itchy?
  • Shedding?
  • Fearful of grooming?
We have the experience to handle all of that! There will be an extra charge, but in most cases, we are able to get them done without having to refer you to another facility.

Our team knows how to make your pet feel safe and secure while getting the grooming services they need. That is why so many of our patients leave here with their heads held high and tails wagging!!